South Carolina: Success Through Leading Logistics

Bobby Hitt

Tuesday, July 28th, 2020

"We're all working together. That's the secret." Those words by legendary American entrepreneur and retail mogul Sam Walton describe South Carolina's collaborative approach to maintaining our logistics network. With a prime geographic location, robust infrastructure assets and strong partnerships, South Carolina offers unparalleled national and global connectivity.

Our superior logistics advantages and teamwork among state, county and local officials scored a tremendous win for South Carolina this week when Walmart announced plans for a new $220 million distribution center in Dorchester County. The facility will create 1,000 new jobs and strengthen the company's supply chain network.

Investments of this magnitude are, in part, made possible by South Carolina's competitive positioning. We boast one of the nation's fastest-growing container ports - the Port of Charleston - and two inland ports, more than 41,000 miles of state-maintained highways and 2,300 miles of rail lines. In fact, Palmetto Railways, a division of S.C. Commerce, serves as an economic engine for the state by moving more than 100,000 carloads annually. Because of these resources, our state has earned a global reputation, not only for producing high-quality products, but also for our skill in getting those goods where they need to go.

Infrastructure and logistics are interdependent - a solid transport system ensures the supply of products matches the demand. Now, more than ever, the reliability and efficiency of our state's logistics system are imperative.

COVID-19 has shifted the way people shop and the way companies operate. Instead of Saturday morning errands, consumers are now more reliant on e-commerce to get their everyday essentials. And, companies are relying on South Carolina's established network to distribute those products effectively.

Distribution and logistics take a lot of moving parts and even more collaboration. With our collective approach, South Carolina's unmatched logistics assets ensure companies have the resources available to efficiently transport goods - maintaining our state's reputation as a competitive player on the global business stage.