Spartanburg Water Announces New Hire

Staff Report From Spartanburg CEO

Friday, January 11th, 2019

Spartanburg Water is pleased to announce the employment of Charles Logue in the position of Special Projects Manager for the Technical Services Section of the organization.  In his new role Charles will be providing project leadership for Water Quality Studies, Land Prioritization and Watershed Protection. 

Mr. Logue has over 35 years working in the public water, wastewater and storm-water utility industry. He has extensive experience in operations, engineering, lab services, industrial pretreatment, water-quality monitoring and permitting.

Mr. Logue holds degrees from the University of South Florida and the University of Florida, as well as a Master’s of Science from the University of West Florida. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Florida, Virginia and South Carolina and has been an active member of Utility professional associations serving on the Board of the National Association of Clean Water Agencies and the US Clean Water Alliance for many years.