The Opiate Crisis Reality Comes Home to the Upstate

Staff Report From South Carolina CEO

Friday, February 8th, 2019

The Upstate Center for Addiction Treatment is bringing their brand of Suboxone treatment to Anderson, South Carolina and announces their grand opening on February 11th, 2019 at 400 N. Fant St, Suite E. Their first location in Spartanburg, SC has been a huge success and they're excited to be a part of the solution in Anderson. Patients say, "The Upstate Center for Addiction Treatment is the place to go if you're looking to be treated well while you're being treated for your addiction." Their friendly staff always makes you feel like family. "One person per day dies in South Carolina because of opiate addiction. That's somebody's husband, wife, son, daughter, family member or dear friend. That's unacceptable and we want to do our part in dropping that number to zero," says board certified psychiatrist, partner and Reality TV Star Dr. Ish Major.

Dr. Ish says, "There are so many people who want to get help but can't make it into treatment because of the cost so we remove that barrier by offering the lowest prices for Suboxone treatment in the Upstate." The great news about Anderson is that the local officials at the County Council, Sheriff's Office and School Board heard Governor McMaster loud and clear when he said, "It's going to take everybody working together to solve the problem." They have been instrumental in bringing more help to Anderson.

And Dr. Ish isn't alone, he's bringing friends. Another partner and nurse, Cindy Gilreath is on deck. Her father, 1SG Larry Gilreath, is not only an Anderson native and legend but also a National Treasure. After enlisting at the age of 17 he did two tours in Vietnam where his were the first boots on the ground with B Company at LZ X-Ray and a third tour in Thailand with Special Forces. He retired on a Friday and went to work that Sunday as the Game Warden at Broadway Lake and then finished his life of service with the Anderson County Sheriff's Office. So when it comes to serving community and country, Cindy is following in her father's footsteps and making him proud.

South Carolina is on the cutting edge in regards to new laws to reduce the rate of opiate addiction and The Upstate Center for Addiction Treatment is helping to lead that charge.